ACC3 - Authorisation

State Agency “Civil Aviation Agency” of the Republic of Latvia

Aircraft Operator Certificate

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia LEPL - Civil Aviation Agency issued the Air Operator Certificate with the right to operate worldwide

The certificate confirms that the airline "Geo Sky" LLC is authorized to carry out the commercial operations of the aircraft worldwide.


Specialized services

The Boroscope Inspection plays a critical role in determining the serviceability of the engine and Aircraft critical parts, and is vital evidence for future service. GeoSky maintenance team is performing and oversee the BSI to ensure full compliance with the conditions of the engine and aircraft. Our technical team provide an independent verification of the full BSI process, questioning, advising and supporting the maintenance technician in all matters relating to the EMM/AMM.

NDT(Non-Destructive Test) is a testing  and analysis technique widly used in aviation to examine and evaluate flaws in material, component, or structure for defects without changing or damaging the part. Flaws and irregularities can be easily identified without disrupting the integrity of the subject.

EASA TCO - Authorisation

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) TCO Authorisation

In the framework of the EU safety authorization process for foreign air operators (PART-TCO), in 2020, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) reissued a unified air safety permit to Geo Sky. Based on this authorization, airline Geo Sky was granted one centralized permit to operate in 28 EASA and 4 European Free Trade Association member states.

CCAR - 129

Certificate issued by the People's Republic of China

Geo Sky has obtained the CCAR-129 certificate issued by the People's Republic of China, based on which the airline has been granted the right to operate unlimited flights in the territory of the People's Republic of China.

Certificate of Aviation Approved Maintenance Organization NGE.105

Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia

A certificate confirms that the airline Geo Sky's Approved Maintenance Organisation is in line with the requirements of the Civil Aviation and the legistlations of Georgia, and it is given the right to perform the aviation equipment maintenance services.

LBA - Accreditation

Airline is accredited by German Civil Aviation

The security program of the airline Geo Sky is accredited by the German Civil Aviation LBA and the airline performs regular flights in the state of Germany.