Geosky Airlines 20 Crew Members whom were in Sudan with a work visit will arrive in Georgia on 27 APR

Geosky Airlines 20 Crew Members, whom were on working visit in Khartoum  capital of  Sudan , therefore, their safe return to Georgia was an inevitable necessity for the safety of the employees.  Geosky Airlines in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia carried out their peaceful evacuation by land to the border of Egypt, where they were met by Ambassador of Georgia in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mikheil Tigishvili.

All Airline Crew members will arrive in Georgia on 27th of APR. 

We would like to  remind you that during the military conflict which started in Sudan on April 15, 20 Airline  crew  members were in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum . Since then, Geosky has been in constant communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with their help and involvement, the crew members will be returned safely to their families.

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