Georgian Wings starts regular flights on the Tbilisi-Batumi-Tbilisi route

On 28 JUL 2023 , Airline Geoskys passenger operator Georgian Wings will carry out firs flight from Tbilisi International airport to Batumi international airport.
The Airline will performed flights to Batumi and from Batumi every day, 12 times in a week,airline will operate with an aicraft wich will carry 70 passengers per flight.
Sales will start from today via agencies, and from 15th of JUL tickets can be issued via official web site : Georgianwings.com

As per Airline representatives “Due to the high demand in the tourist market, the airline decided to focus on domestic flights as the first destination and to offer passengers daily flights from Tbilisi International Airport to Batumi with a flight time duration of 55 minutes."
It should be noted that only Georgian Wings offers direct regular flights from Tbilisi International Airport to Batumi International Airport

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