Georgian Wings, passenger transportation division for airline Geosky, is considering launch of direct flights from Tbilisi to Trabzon and from Tbilisi to Samsun

Business representatives have already requested to the Airline Geosky to schedule and implement direct flights on directions: Tbilisi-Trabzon.Tbilisi-Samsun. 
Business meeting was held between the management of the Airline Geosky and the chairman of the Turkey-Georgia Business Council of  DEIK and International Investors Association of Georgia, Osman Chalishkan-Mzhavanadze and Volkan Kantarji, the chairman of TÜRSAB's Black Sea office, where was discussed future plans and cooperation.
The appointment for flights on the Tbilisi-Trabzon-Tbilisi and Tbilisi-Samsun-Tbilisi  routes will contribute  development of tourism and medical tourism between the two countries and further strengthen economic relations.

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