Statement regarding flight number D4 301/302 canceled on July 28

On July 28th 2023, flight number D4 301/302 departing from Tbilisi international airport discovered technical issue when performing regular pre-flight check list. Georgian Wings with Engineers from contractor Airlines “Jump Air” (g) made decision to make additional checks due to flight safety and in order to eliminate technical issue on aircraft.

According to additional inspection results, it was determined that, immediate elimination of technical issue was impossible. Representatives of airlines organized transportation of passengers to domestic terminal of airport according procedures where they were offered hot and cold beverages alongside with food.

On the other hand, Georgian Wings and JumpAir`s engineers are proceeding with technical works procedures on the aircraft, on completion of which Airlines will make additional statement. Due to high international standards of aircraft and passenger safety, Georgian Wings cannot accept operating flights which deviate even slightly from the norms         

We apologize for causing discomfort to our passengers and every passenger is offered with full refund or exchanging existing ticket on desired date.

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