Georgian Wings’ Response to False Information Circulated by a Passenger

Dear Valued Passengers,

We wish to address the recent dissemination of inaccurate information on social media, where it has been claimed that Georgian Wings imposed extra fees on a passenger for services that were included in a purchased ticket. The airline has conducted a thorough investigation and validation of the incident in question. With utmost responsibility, we categorically state that the information circulated is untrue.
Furthermore, we are prepared to provide a comprehensive account of the ticket and baggage details, in case of the passenger’s agreement.

The entire Georgian Wings team adheres unwaveringly to globally recognized standards and complies with the recommendations of both internal and international audits. Our operations strictly adhere to the regulations governing civil aviation, passenger transportation protocols, and the fare structure corresponding to the purchased ticket.
For any passenger encountering challenges or seeking clarification while using our services, our representatives are readily available to offer precise and comprehensive guidance. Our focus remains fixed on ensuring our passengers’ comfort and satisfaction.
We appreciate your continued trust in Georgian Wings and assure you that your experience remains our principal concern.

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