A109K2 helicopters

The company’s maintenance company is authorized to perform.
A109K2 helicopters and their engines (Turbomeca Arriel 1K1)
Maintenance works, in particular:
1. Wired maintenance in full
2. Basic technical services (disability) (Within: Up to 600 hours of planned works, up to 1200 hours
Unplanned exceptional results and up to 1000 hours
Arriel 1K1 engines)
3. Lubrication and service operation in full
4. Eliminate defects and replace line components (LRU)
5. Small-scale damage repair and modification works
Technical services for the full performance of the work
The department is provided with the appropriate tool and
With the stock of spare parts housed in a modern warehouse equipped according to all standards.
The company works closely with the relevant certification
With foreign enterprises to perform such in a timely and quality manner Works that exceed the capabilities of the company.

Additional features:
The company has the appropriate equipment and authority to
Perform additional work:
2. Boroscopic inspection of engines
3. Eddy Current Testing (ET)